About Us


About Us

Forme Equine is a locally owned business, based in Reikorangi on the Kapiti Coast.

At Forme Equine we understand the pivotal role that feed and nutrition plays in the health and well-being of every horse – from the happy hacker to the top competitor. Similarly, we know that the products and management practices incorporated into our horses daily routines are integral to maintaining performance and bolstering general well being.

My own personal experience with performance horses, retired horses and those with specific nutritional needs such as equine metabolic syndrome, tying up, hyper activity and laminitis, combined with the time I spent as a vet assistant with Vets on Riverbank, enables Forme Equine to offer a unique service and cater to a range of different horses and their individual nutritional needs.

By providing an excellent range of top quality products, feed and supplements alongside superior, informed service, our aim is to support owners in achieving happy, healthy horses.


“I have known Jessie for over 10 years now, since her family bought a property in Reikiorangi. As a Veterinarian I have been assisting Jessie with looking after her ponies and horses during that time. I have no hesitation in stating what a diligent and caring horse owner she is and how passionate she has always been to do the best she possibly can for her animals. Nothing is left to chance. Whether it’s horse feed, supplements or equipment, Jessie has always done her research to ensure she gets what really helps her horses.

“Jessie has previously worked for us at Vets on Riverbank as a Veterinary assistant. She assisted the vets with providing all aspects of Veterinary care, particularly in the Equine area. Jessie was a valuable member of our team and was able to put all her expert horse experience to great use. I have no doubt that Jessie will continue to use that expertise and experience with this new endeavour.”

Ray Lenaghan MVB MANZCVS (Eq Dent) Vets On Riverbank, Otaki

“I have had the pleasure of providing bodywork and sports therapy for Jessie’s horses since 2019. Jessie always has the health and well being of the horses in her care as top priority. She will ensure each step in their management has a sound reasoning behind it and is dedicated to getting the best outcome possible for each of them.”

Juli Walters Animals Back in Action

“I met Jessie when she was working as a veterinary technician at Vets On Riverbank In Otaki. Jessie demonstrated great knowledge about horse management and welfare, and how to feed horses of all disciplines. Having her own horses from performance horses and retired hacks, to miniatures, combined with her experience as a technician, has equipped Jessie with the practical know-how of equine nutrition and how to go about implementing dietary changes.”

Chessie Vet

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