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Fiber Fresh Fiber Meadow 20kg


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Fiber Meadow contains blend of grasses, primarily made up from the low sugar and starch grasses of Pasture Brome (Bareno), Cocksfoot (Safin), with a small amount of Low Endophyte Ryegrass (Governor), and white clovers (Kotuku and Weka) included for overall sward health. This blend has been expertly cultivated by the Fiber Fresh farm team, and in terms of stand purity for a Meadow Chaff it is second-to-none. The presence of a large number of native grasses, legumes and weeds as found in traditional meadow pasture is not present in our Fiber Meadow crop as it is a very clean crop, including ONLY the above mentioned cultivars, making Fiber Meadow a safe toxin-free fibre source.

So how does Fiber Meadow stack up from a nutritional perspective?

Grasses can vary widely in their key components. The beauty of a fermented product is that unlike hay or dried chaffs the sugars are used by the microbes which are responsible for the fermentation of the forage, thus lowering the sugar component even more than the corresponding dried forage. Dry meadow chaff blends can also include any number of wild endophytes associated with grasses, including the commonly found Ryegrass endophyte (Neotyphodium lolii).

Fiber Meadow is a unique, quality toxin-free option fibre.