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Harvest Grains Gastro Care TUTI-FRUTI MASH


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Gastro Care TUTI-FRUTI MASH is a conditioning carbohydrate and fiber balanced Gastro Care Mash for horses in work and travelling. Suitable for horses needing more condition or when the appetite is poor


 Easy to feed alone – the balanced carbohydrate formula will support condition and energy for the working horses. Alternatively feed as an ‘on top’ addition to other commercial feeds or feed sources. A world first formula with additional benefits, developed to enhance gut collagen, hind gut health, intestinal balance and improved nutrient absorption.


INGREDIENTS : Steam pelletized grains and fiber, HG factory fortified soy hull, flax, omega 3 fatty acid, essential salts, feed conversion enzymes, probiotic, prebiotic and a light spray of molasses, so we do not recommend feeding to those at risk of laminitis