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Harvest Grains Mega Build


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Harvest Grains MEGABUILD™


  • Show ring and sales preparation
  • Yearling and Ready 2 Run preparation
  • Horses in training, travelling and competing 
  • Underweight horses needing more condition 
  • Spelling and rehabilitating horses 
  • Mares & foals, yearlings and aged horses
  • Suitable for those with fussy appetites 



Ingredients:  barley, lupins, peas, sunflower, GMO free extruded protein, omega fatty acids, omega 3 oil, legumes, molasses, HG Premium (inorganic and organic mineral premix, chelated minerals), protected vitamins, muscle anti-oxidant, probiotic, prebiotic, feed enzymes,  MOS, gut conditioners, essential salts, ACVM registered toxin binder 
• Seek advice if unsure of selenium requirements 
• Provide additional salt or electrolytes when work intensity or sweat loss increases