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Prydes Easi Feed Easi Fiber 20kg


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Easi Fiber is a cool super-fibre pellet for extra calories & protein


  • Use EasiFibre to replace grain in a horse’s ration to give calm, yet responsive energy.
  • Use EasiFibre to replace chaff in a horse’s diet to increase calorie content for weight gain.
  • A truly grain free and grain byproduct free feed with less than 10% starch and sugars, making it safe for horses with laminitis, ulcers, tying up or hyperactivity.
  • Canola oil provides omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for brilliant coat shine and skin health.
  • EasiFibre does not contain added vitamins and minerals, so it can be added to any ration and fed with any other feed without unbalancing the diet.



Lupin Hulls, lucerne leaf meal, lupins, canola oil, salt