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Prydes Easi Result 20kg


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  • Ridiculously tasty formulation that virtually every horse is guaranteed to eat. The ultimate performance feed for fussy eaters!
  • Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins and essential amino acids used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity.
  • Extruded (cooked) to keep grains out of the hindgut and maintain calm, yet responsive behaviour.
  • Superior nutrient profile and digestibility will allow you to feed approximately 1 kg/day less than a similar pelleted feed.
  • Natural vitamin E and selenium provide antioxidant protection for hard-working muscles.



Extruded barely, Prydes easi fiber pellet, extruded corn, extruded full fat soybean, extruded lupins, Prydes vitamin and mineral premix, molasses, black sunflower seeds, canola oil, salt.