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BetaVet Aller-Gen


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BetaVet Aller-Gen is a professionally formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy immune function for optimal health. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from allergies. Beneficial for allergic skin issues and mild dermatological conditions. For symptoms of respiratory allergies. Assists in support of immune function and response to help strengthen mucus membranes against airborne allergens.

Key Ingredients: 

Baical Skullcap Root

Supports the anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the body. Baical Skullcap supports the anti-allergenic action which inhibits mast cell release of histamine (degranulation) – which causes allergic symptoms and also supports the  inhibition of prostaglandin production. Prostaglandins are produced in nearly all cells and are part of the body’s way of dealing with injury and illness. Prostaglandins act as signals to control several different processes depending on the part of the body in which they are made. Inhibiting prostaglandin production reduces the body’s response to allergens. Baical Skullcap also helps to supports the body to inhibit the binding between antigens and immunoglobulin E, a type of antibody – this again reduces the body’s reaction to an allergen. Baical Skullcap also supports the inflammatory responses of the body which reduce the body’s inflammatory processors during and allergic response.

Albizzia Bark

An Ayurvedic herb from a tree commonly known as the silk tree due to its silk-like flowers. The stem bark is used medicinally and supports the  antiallergenic actions of the body inhibiting mast cell degranulation and reducing the levels of allergy inducing antibodies. Both these actions help reduce the body’s allergic responses to allergens.

Golden Rod Leaf

Used with allergic conditions to help support the anti-inflammatory response but more importantly to help support  anti-catarrhal actions of the body to reduce excess mucus production which is prominent with airborne pollen type respiratory allergies.

Nettle Leaf

Supports  skin allergies, blood cleansing,  nutritive.  Traditionally used to help support chronic skin conditions – eczema and in particular weeping/discharging eczema. Nettle is an excellent nourishing herb for any eruptive skin conditions – weepy rashes etc – due to its blood cleansing action where it supports the body’s responses to allergies.



Each 20ml dose contains dried herb equivalent:

  • Baical Skullcap root 3000mg
  • Albizia bark 6000mg
  • Golden rod leaf 3000mg
  • Nettle leaf 3200mg
  • Licorice root 2000mg

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1L, 500ml