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Vet Pro Every Day Minerals


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Vet Pro Every Day Minerals is formulated to economically provide all the necessary minerals and trace elements needed by sport, leisure, spelling horses and dry broodmares.

Even the best pasture cannot provide all the mineral requirements needed by these horses. Feeding some premix feeds can provide some minerals and trace elements, however, when the label is actually read, it usually requires a horse to be fed a large amount of the feed to achieve an acceptable level of supplements – more than most sport and leisure horses are given.

Everyday Minerals do not contain selenium as this element needs to be very closely monitored and low and high levels can have a very significant effect on the horse, with very high levels proving to be toxic. Selenium supplementation should be carried out when the levels in the horse have been assessed by a blood test. Vetpro Selenium K is a safe chelated supplement for correcting low levels in the horse.

Everyday Minerals have a calcium phosphorus ratio of 2.5 : 1 and this is vital to maintain the imbalance in this ratio that can occur with low lucerne or high fat feeds. Although increasing lucerne levels may assist in improving the ratio, it will increase the protein percentage which can produce other problems for the horse. The answer is a correctly formulated mineral supplement – Vetpro Everyday Minerals will do just that.


Ingredients Per Kg:
Calcium 15.82%
Phosphorus 6.34%
Sodium 3.9%
Sulphur 1.0%
Copper 0.175%
Cobalt 0.001%
Zinc 0.25%
Magnesium 2.4%
Manganese 0.198%
Iodine 0.0025%
Apple Flavouring 0.5%

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